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Who we are

BrandFull is a dynamic brand and marketing consultancy. Our mission is to help businesses develop unique brands with clear purpose bringing them to life at every touch point through innovative concepts. We guide you all the way from an idea to reality and scaling it up too if that is your goal. Wether you are looking to create a new hotel brand, develop a new breakfast concept, or review your existing marketing strategy, you can trust you'd be in safe hands. We will spend the time to talk through your needs, work with you as your trusted partner and we won't rest until your project is delivered with results that you are ecstatic about.


We sort through the clutter and find the best route. We see patterns where others see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, we play out alternative scenarios, always asking, “What if? We cull and make selections until we arrive with you at the chosen path — your strategy.

Armed with your strategy you Assess. Select. Strike.

Creative & Innovative

Ideas fascinate us. We discover simple elegant solutions to complex problems. First we dig deeper to get to the root, then we flare and come up with lots of ideas, then we focus on the ones that will give us best results. Bringing a new perspective to familiar challenges, we believe in most cases the best ideas are simple and close by.

Brilliant Executors

When can we start?” We can be a little impatient. Deep down you and us know that only action is real. Only action can make things happen. Only action leads to performance. You make a decision, you take action, you look at the result, and you learn. The bottom line is this: we know we will be judged not by what we say, not by what we think, but by what we get done. It pleases us.

Our Network

Our reach is global. We have an international network of trusted experts and partners we work with and draw in depending on the project at hand. Wether we will arrange a strategic workshop with your team in Hong Kong, design your new website, or deliver a brand campaign using digital, social or even traditional PR, our answer will be. YEAH! We Can...

Dina Soliman-Pedersen
Dina Soliman-Pedersen, the founder of Brandfull, is a global brand and innovation expert helping organisations define their brand story and translating it to concrete business results. Having worked across 3 continents and led Brand, Marketing and Innovation in organisations ranging from international FTSE 100 to young start-ups, Dina’s expertise, agility and leadership will ensure you are in safe hands, wether you are building a brand from the ground up or scaling your products and services across new markets. Dina has been a speaker, moderator and panellist in multiple global and European forums. With an MBA with distinction from Georgia State University and a qualification in Digital Marketing Disruptive Strategies from Oxford University, she is well placed to support you on your brand journey.


 Being agile is in our nature, so we are able to apply our expertise across multiple sectors and industries. In fact we find that more enriching to our work and most importantly to our clients. We cover from a wide range from hospitality to travel, to food to packaging and even charities.

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